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Artículo por Mariela Fullana Acosta

Película enfoca el racismo en el país



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We were mentioned in Variety!


We were chosen as one of the 5 movies chosen to participate in Primera Mirada IFF Panama.

“Focusing on a tight set of relationships, the seemingly semi-autobiographical and intimate “Angélica” taps emotional fallout from generational change in the Caribbean. Newcomer Michelle Nono Rodriguez plays the eponymous heroine, a black ex-university student who is riled by old hierarchical traditions – her uncle’s racism; her boyfriend’s assumption she’ll cook for him every night; her mother’s going on about her looks, her style of dress, her hair. She has yet to find her place in the world, whether in Puerto Rico or New York. “Angélica” is “a wonderfully honest account about someone coming to terms with liking themselves in a society beleaguered by deep-rooted racism,” said Sanchez. “Marisol Gómez-Moukad realistically re-creates daily interactions between family members and offers a thoughtful and intimate portrayal of family dynamics.”

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Angélica’s Storyline



GENRE: Intimist Drama

 LOGLINE: Angelica has spent her whole life escaping from her racial identity, but a family crisis forces her to look inside, and re-think her life.

 SYNOPSIS: ANGELICA, after a long absence from Puerto Rico, returns to Puerto Rico when her father, WILFREDO, suffers a heart attack.

This forced and unexpected return to the house where she grew up, plus her father’s illness, forces Angelica to re-evaluate her relationship with her mother, with her family members and with her partner in New York, who travels to Puerto Rico in an attempt to recover her. All this will force her to face herself and discover that she does not know who she is. Furthermore she does not like herself.

After her father’s death, Angelica must decide whether to return to the comfort of her previous life, dissatisfied, but secure, or set on an adventurous path to rediscover herself as an independent, modern, strong, mulatto, and Puerto Rican woman in a globalized world that is in the cusp of the twenty-first century.


GÉNERO: Drama Intimista

LOGLINE: Angélica lleva toda la vida escondiéndose de su identidad racial, pero una crisis familiar la obliga a enfrentarse a su identidad, y a replantear su vida.

SINOPSIS: ANGÉLICA, tras una larga ausencia en Nueva York, regresa a Puerto Rico cuando su padre, WILFREDO, sufre un ataque cardíaco.

La violencia de regresar, no por gusto, a la casa en la que creció, más la enfermedad de su padre, obligan a Angélica a re evaluar la relación con su madre, que siempre la ha menospreciado por su color de piel, con sus familiares cercanos, claramente racistas y finalmente con su pareja de Nueva York, que viaja a Puerto Rico para recuperarla. Esto la obligan a enfrentarse consigo misma y a descubrir que no sabe quién es ella, y más, qué quién quiera que sea, no se gusta.

Tras la muerte de su padre, Angélica tiene que decidir si regresa al confort de su vida anterior, insatisfecha, pero segura, o se aventura al camino de redescubrirse como mujer independiente, moderna, fuerte, mulata y puertorriqueña, en este mundo globalizado en los albores del siglo XXI.